KADlytics: A.I. Dev

Analyse and track hidden dependencies in complex projects.

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Even the best planning and preparation cannot take account of all the potential dependencies between designers, models and design tasks. Correspondingly, project managers and stakeholders must continuously review system dependencies, change propagation, critical paths and design effort. Despite the revolution in PDM and project management tools, this process is generally undertaken manually at significant cost, time and subjectivity.


Through automated monitoring of who, when and how changes occur to digital objects (CAD models, reports and simulation models) combined with advanced analytics and visualisation, we provide real-time analysis of engineering activity, model attributes, model associations, and hidden and emerging system dependencies.


  1. Review the overall effort and contributions of suppliers and design team members.
  2. Review model maturity with respect to level of attribute definition.
  3. Evalute model against company stage-gates and industry standards (e.g. RIBA).
  4. Visualise critical paths and perform impact assessment (change propagation) and review resource allocation.
  5. Inform future projects by comparing the ‘as architected’ with the ‘as designed’ product structure.


  1. Activity: Monitor the activity (effort) of people, teams or subcontractors over time given to files. Investigate relative and absolute changes to files by time, people and grouping (e.g. subsystem).
  2. Attributes: Monitor the relative level of definition of attributes or features within a file. Investigate the completeness and integrity of attributes within collections of files.
  3. Associations: Monitor the structural dependencies created between files and how they evolve over time. Investigate change propagation (impact assessment) and levels of integration (collaborative working).
  4. A.I.: Monitor emerging product and process dependencies. Including structural, behavioural, functional and organisational. Investigate unexpected dependencies and compare against associations to reveal previously hidden dependencies.

KADlytics is available on a module-by-module basis via the Autodesk App store or via an enterprise implementation. Contact the KADlytics team via hello@kadlytics.com for a demonstration and quotation.