Engineering Intelligence for collaborative data-driven projects and businesses

Net AI

Powered by Net AI, KADlytics’ product suite automatically generates business critical insights for complex engineering projects and engineering assets using data from your existing digital footprint(s). Our technology is independent of hardware and systems enabling the maximum intelligence to be leveraged from your business-as-usual activities.


We tackle the challenges of increasing complexity, scale, and interdependency in modern engineering projects and the operation of complex engineering assets/systems.

Our technology hits the most common causes of failure head-on:

  • Lack of awareness of who, what, where, why, and when.
  • Unforeseen / emergent dependencies.
  • Managing expertise across global or multi-centre teams.
  • Managing late-changes and concessions.
  • Assessing the impact of work and changes.
  • Supporting risk identification and management.

We help our customers to become more agile while reducing overruns and costs, eliminating unexpected issues and helping to manage change.

Experience KADlytics

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