Net AI

Using machine learning algorithms, our Net AITM technology uses data from your existing systems to create evolving networks of your projects, personnel, files, and assets. Detailed and powerful, we analyse and learn from these networks to generate previously hidden understanding and insights. Our interactive UI enables users to directly interrogate their projects in real time, and generate evidence to support decision-making.

KADlytics Cloud

Learn from the data you have. Sitting on either a private or enterprise Cloud, KADlytics interrogates your existing systems to generate insight without interfering with the way you work.


In addition to tailored solutions, KADlytics engineers intelligence through four modules, each using Net AI to support your business processes and information needs.


The Activity Network layer of Net AI provides automated monitoring and flagging of who, what, where, when and why. Users can monitor effort of people, teams or subcontractors over time, and investigate the relative or absolute contribution and change by people and groups (e.g. subsystems, suppliers or teams).


Users can assess completeness against standards (e.g. RIBA), monitor progression, compare relative levels of attribute and feature definition within a file, and identify what’s missing through the completeness and integrity of attributes within file collections


Real-time monitoring of the defined structural dependencies between objects and their evolution over time. Users can perform impact assessment, analyse collaborative working, and identify unconnected objects.


The Co-occurrence Network layer of Net AI learns about emerging product and process dependencies, including structural, behavioural, functional and organisational relationships. Through this advanced capability, users can reveal hidden relationships and dependencies and use these insights to support agile resource planning, workflow management, and evidence-based deep-dives into critical systems.


Gain understanding and insight via information dashboards, automated reporting, and notifications integrated into your toolchain. We specialise in tailoring our modules to your business processes and workflow. We have even used our modules to understand current workflows and practice to inform businesses and continuous improvement/business process teams.