Engineering Intelligence for complex data-driven systems, projects and businesses.

KADlytics' Net AI technology fuses multi-layer networks with Artificial Intelligence in order to automatically elicit and learn about hidden structures in large dynamic datasets. Such structures are critical to establishing business processes, dependencies in complex projects and design and operation of complex technical systems.

Our technology combined with our deep domain knowledge enables us to automatically engineer intelligence and insights that are contextualised with respect to your business and integrated into your workflows, projects and processes – making them business-as-usual.

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Why Choose KADlytics?

Business Processes

Improve your digital workflows by revealing what actually happens and who does what, when.

Project Controls

Back up your planning and scheduling with real data, and respond pro-actively to any changes and potential issues.

Complex Systems

Reveal hidden patterns and relationships within projects, systems, and assets. Learn more about the complex systems we analyse.

Monitor Health

Monitor normal and abnormal states, and detect pre-cursors to failure.

White Papers

Detailed reports and examples of Net AI in action

Supercharging Product Data Management

Revealing the hidden dependencies within your system architectures

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